Sources And Mirrors

There are several mirrors to help lighten the load on the primary infrastructure.

Tier 1 mirrors sync directly from the primary and contain everything. They are also required to provide https. Other mirrors may sync from somewhere else and are allowed to host specific things only (and may not always be up to date).

To change your mirrors to use a different set, you must create files in /etc/xbps.d with the same names as those in /usr/share/xbps.d. Once you have created such files, replace the URL with one of the servers below. Only the files containing ‘repository’ in the filename need to be duplicated to /etc/xbps.d/.

The default is This is supposed to be load-balancing between available Tier 1 mirrors, but that currently does not work, so it’s equivalent to the primary for the time being.

Tier 1 Mirrors

Tier 2 Mirrors

Package repositories

The main project binary location is

Live images and rootfs tarballs

The primary location is and contains regularly updated ISO images (at very least for base system for every supported target) and rootfs tarballs (base-voidstrap for each supported target, useful for containers and so on). By extension, every mirror below also provides those images.