Project Organization

This project exists with the goal of being a staging area, which means to keep as few patches as possible not upstreamed.

Therefore, vast majority of patches are intended for submission as soon as they are ready. There are some exceptions to this - for example, our xbps template is modified to use our own repositories, same with the void-packages config so that building using xbps-src will automatically pull in binaries.

The project welcomes contributors. If you have changes, you may choose to either work on them with us, or submit them directly for the upstream repository. In that case, please tag the respective maintainers in order to keep track.

The current active maintainers are:

  • q66 - lead maintainer, all targets; tag always

Discussion channels

Decisions are made in our Github organization, with the main real-time chat tool being IRC (#voidlinux-ppc on Feel free to join us if you want to keep track or if you just want to chat (most topics are welcome, and everyone is expected to do their part in keeping the place fun - we want everyone to get along so please use common sense). In case of on-topic talk going on, it should be prioritized over off-topic stuff at the time.

At this point there is no code of conduct and we have no immediate plans to introduce one. That, however, does not mean our standards are any lower than those of places that do have it, it simply means there hasn't been a need to introduce one yet. Please do not give us a reason to introduce one; any kind of harassment or other toxic behavior will not be tolerated. If you suspect this kind of activity is going on without being noticed, reach out to anyone with operator rights.


The project also accepts hardware donations for testing. We do not accept financial donations.

Git repository structure

We have several repositories:

  • void-packages - the fork itself; contains our "ports tree"
  • void-mklive - also forked from upstream; contains the installer and live media generator
  • void-ppc-docs - contains this documentation
  • - the website

There may be other repositories that are forks of various projects or the developers' repositories.

The void-packages and void-mklive repositories have two primary branches that are identical contents-wise. The master branch contains all the latest changes and is maintained using the merge strategy, so you will always be able to pull from it safely. The staging branch is like master but is maintained using the rebase strategy, which means it's not safe to pull from, but has a clean history that makes it obvious how ahead/behind upstream we are.

Other branches are usually temporary, for pull requests. Users and contributors are encouraged to base theirs off master for convenience.